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   Position: Situated in the Bourgas Mineral Baths among area of greenery, the spa is one of the most ancient health resorts. It has 15 km. distance from Bourgas and it is connected to Sofia with railway, highway and a modern airport. There is a bus route from Burgas to the spa. It's altitude is 31 metres (~90 feet). Operates all seasons.

   The mineral water is described as hot (41 degrees C), fairly mineralized (0,604 grams per liter), with high alkaline reaction with delivery 36 litres per second (3 million litres per twenty-four hours). The water is clear, with no smell and it also has very good drinking quality, for which contributes the very little hardness (0,3 German degrees, the so called soft water).

   The climate in the area is seaboard. The average annual temperature is 12,4 degrs centrigrade. In the summer it is hot, the winter is soft. Rain falls rarely, and so are fogs. Sun shines about 2000 hours annually.

   The spa has 206 beds, divided into 18 sigle rooms, 76 twin rooms and 18 appartments. All rooms have own TVs and local phones. The building is heated by local steam. There is a restaurant with 170 seats. The spa also has conference hall, indoor pool with mineral water, indoor sport games saloon, medical centre with 24 hours nurse serivce and 12 hours doctor service and well-equipped: treatment, balneohealing, mud-curing centre. Also physiotherapy is offered.

   In conformity with the centuries-old experience and medical researches in the last few decades here successfully are healed the following diseases:
  • chronic degenerative and inflamatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system- osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, regional rheumatic pain syndromes- bursitis, tendinitis, capsulitis, myositis, etc.;
  • traumatic, sports and occupational injuries of musculoskeletal and periferial nerve system - bone fractures, joint lucsations, contractures, sprains, etc.;
  • neurological diseases - nenerve palsy, paralysis, plexopathy, etc.;
  • skin diseases- psoriasis and neurodermatitis, etc.;
  • chronic gynecological inflamatory diseases - parametritis, perimetritis, adnexitis, sex hormonal disturbances and non-fertility;
  • indications for water drink treatment- chronic gastritis, gout, nephrolithiasis
  • for healthy persons as a nonspecific prophylaxis, body wellness and relaxation enhancing of the physical and mentally hardiness.

   Prophylactic and curing methods, offered by Burgas Mineral Baths:
  • external balneohealing - partial and complete baths, tangentorial and air-pearl baths, baths with herbal extracts and pool.
  • mud-healing - partial and complete applique, mud baths;
  • lugo-healing, thermo-healing;
  • individual and group remedial gym, including under-water, manual curing massage;
  • electo and light based methods of healing;
  • sauna
  • reiky therapy
  • healing based on following a diet

   Healing programmes are created for different groups of diseases, that are healed in the Spa. These programmes include complexes of physiological procedures in accordance with the stage of the disease and the condition of the patient in general. Appropriate combination of procedures increases the effect of the healing.